Summer Camp Reflections: Ivan Vidishev

drillAccording to Bill Cosby, “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” My name is Ivan Vidishev and I am eighteen years old. I attend the Marine Military Academy, a college preparatory, private boarding school located in Harlingen, Texas. Ever since my childhood, I have always strived for a successful future. I knew that in order to achieve my goal of success, I must stand out from others in an inspirational way. I constantly pursue to better my physical, mental, and moral aspects in my life, while setting my standards above and beyond the normal.

After my first year as a cadet at the Marine Military Academy, I was offered a job as a cadet instructor for the Academy’s rigorous summer program. If I chose to accept this offer I knew that I could be one step closer to achieving my significant goals, mentally and physically. I pondered this proposal for a long time and decided to give up my long, relaxing vacation, in exchange for training towards a better future.

I loved being a cadet instructor during summer camp, because it changed my life for the best. Despite all the late nights I spent making sure campers got a good night’s rest, I found much good in it. I discovered that it made me more durable in so many ways that I cannot possibly put into words. I felt the delight in meeting new people, because some campers would return in the fall for the academic school year. I would be able to see them rise andCadet summer camp instructor blossom, to watch them achieve goals of their own. This made me feel like I was leaving a mark of my own on those campers’ lives. I felt important in the shaping of their future. This feeling of pride and¬†fulfillment almost gave me butterflies in my stomach when I had the privilege to see my campers graduate. I enjoyed this immensely, and as a result being an MMA summer camp cadet instructor was what I ended up doing every summer. Many cadets call me dull, but I believe that devoting my mind to work and sacrificing my liberties will definitely make my future more prosperous and successful.

As a cadet instructor at summer camp, I pushed myself further than I have ever pushed myself before, meanwhile breaking my limits and forging new goals. I learned my strengths and weaknesses, mentally and physically. Through these experiences, I have acquired many skills and lessons that I will utilize throughout my future. My journey to a thriving future will not end, for every new day is a new experience. I am confident that this knowledge will assist in guiding me towards my road to success.