Q&A with Summer Camper Nickolas Kuhlmann

kuhlmannQ &A with Summer Camper Nicholas Kuhlmann

This is an interview with Nicholas Kuhlmann from Fountain Hills, Arizona. This year (2014) is his first experience with MMA’s summer camp.

This is your first time at MMA Summer Camp. How do you like it?

I like it. It’s fun. It’s challenging.

Why did you choose to attend MMA Summer Camp?

My dad learned about it on the Internet. It sounded good. At home I play football, wrestling and golf. I liked the physical aspect so I could get in even better shape.

Which activity do you like the most?

The obstacle course. I’m fast at it. I might be running it in the Iron Man competition.

I also like my “Introduction to Flight Training” class. The best part is when he (the instructor) hands the controls over to me and I fly.

What is the hardest part about MMA Summer Camp for you?

I didn’t think it was going to be hard, but what I actually miss the most is music. I miss listening to it.

I understand why we can’t have electronics, though. Right now it’s about discipline for myself and being a leader.

What the best part about MMA Summer Camp for you?

It’s the friends that you make here. You spend a month together. You become really close.