Letter of Appreciation: To Cadet Instructor Phelps

Below is the text of a letter from Mr. Hamlin, the father of two summer campers, expressing his appreciation for the efforts of Cadet Instructor Phelps.

Dear C.I. Phelps,

I am writing to express my genuine appreciation for all that you did to help Ryan & Tyler during the summer program at MMA. Each of them benefited immensely from the experience. Their self-confidence, mental toughness, physical fitness, and self-discipline all improved. On top of all that, and despite them not wanting to go, they had an absolute blast!

While the facilities and program design of The Marine Military Academy are necessary, experiences like these succeed or fail depending on the culture. The culture in any organization is reliant upon its people and in particular its leaders. In other words, a place could have the greatest facilities and infrastructure in the world as well as the most scientifically evolved system imaginable, but if the people running it aren’t up to the task, it will still fail. You should be proud of yourself and what you are doing at the Academy.

I am glad I got to spend a few minutes speaking with you when we picked the boys up. It allowed me to put a face with a name and help ground some of the many stories Ryan and Tyler have been telling ever since. It was immediately evident that you had a very good and effective way with the younger boys. You obviously had their respect and pushed them to do well but also came across as genuine and caring as well. Those are some of the qualities that successful leaders have in all walks of life, whether it is in business, military, government, etc.

Based on what I have heard about you from Ryan and Tyler and my own observations, I have every reason to believe you will be successful in whatever you choose to pursue. I wish you the best of luck with your final year at MMA and whatever path you decide upon thereafter.

Thanks again for helping to make the summer program such a positive building experience for my sons.

Best regards,
Paul B. Hamlin (Father of Ryan and Tyler Hamlin)