Letter of Appreciation from Kelly Teran

Below is a letter of appreciation from Kelly Teran the mother of summer camper Antonio Teran thanking MMA for her son’s summer camp experience.

Marine Military Academy Staff,

Our family, on behalf of camper Antonio Teran, Jr., would like to thank each of you for all that you have done for our son at the 2013 summer camp. He had a great, challenging experience and learned so much about himself during this time. Antonio is going in to high school this fall and he gained self-confidence, more self-discipline, motivation, a positive attitude, and improved physically through attending the MMA summer camp. He liked and admired his DI’s and they brought the best out in him. He is already planning and looking forward to attending the 2014 MMA summer camp! We truly appreciate you and the MMA for providing such amazing experiences for young men.

Kelly Teran & Family (Mother of Antonio Teran, Jr., )