My Summer Camp Experience: Luis Cervantes

A summer camper climbs a ropeI attended the Marine Military Summer Camp because my big brother Fernando came five years ago and he loved it.  He really wanted to attend school at MMA, but our parents could not afford.  My other brother, Diego, came two years ago and he also liked it very much.  Diego and I attended the 2013 summer camp and we begged our parents to let us attend for the school year.  With financial assistance, our parents made it happen.  I had a very good time at MMA summer camp.  The only thing I hated about it is the homesick feeling, but it is all worth it in the end.  I learned a lot of things like living without my mom.  It’s just a month, but they teach you how to be responsible for yourself, how to make a bed, and how to be a leader.  It was a very good experience and I improved a lot physically.

-Luis Cervantes