High Ropes Challenge Course at Summer Camp 2014

high ropes log crossingHigh Ropes Challenge Course at Marine Military Summer Camp

Campers balance aboard a telephone pole secured to two parallel poles. Sounds pretty easy, right? Ha, here’s the catch…that horizontal telephone pole stands more than 20 feet off the ground! Not to worry – each young man is first secured with a climbing rope which is steadied by a pair of instructors whose feet are planted firmly upon the ground.

High ropes vines obstacleCampers progress across the rope ‘bridge’ while steadying themselves with a series of
ropes dangling from an upper cable…just barely within reach. STRETCH, grab that rope, and STEADY AS HE GOES! The support offered by the first rope diminishes steadily, until the camper is forced to quickly switch to the other rope.

Not enough of a challenge yet? Hook up your harness, shimmy up the 10-foot ladder, then climb to the top of the waiting 20-foot telephone pole by inserting your shoes into the steel pegs, moving one foot to the very top of the pole, then the other. As your second foot moves upwards, you fling your arms out straight to steady your stance and you realize it’s all you up in the stratosphere. You inch your body upwards until you’re standing
rigid as a concrete pillar.

Summer Camper leaps from power poleYour gaze comes to rest on the white plastic buoy suspended just a couple of feet upward, and of course, outward bound! A chorus of “JUMP” from campers below and the DI’s count, “One, two, THREE!” prompts you to gather all your bravado and…up you jump, smack the buoy triumphantly as the ropes and harness are pulled taut by the crew below. You’re lowered slowly, giving you a few seconds to take in what you’ve just accomplished… Guts, glory, no more fear of heights, and oh-what-a-great-feeling… HOO RAH!

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