Leadership Enhancement and Development Complex

BLISS:  Putting It All Together Aboard  MMA’S L.E.A.D. Complex

MMA Summer Camp at LEAD complexMMA Summer Camp Companies switch into high gear following an hour of rest and relaxation.  All participate in a Round Robin of L.E.A.D. Complex events –Rappelling (frontwards, backwards, sideways, even a few upside-down flights down the Zip Line!); Climbing Wall; Obstacle, Challenge and Circuit Courses.

This is the culmination of many obstacles these campers have conquered in just three, now- going-on four short weeks of Marine Military Academy Summer Camp.  These are the same “clean-cut”, sharp looking young men who stepped forward from Barber Joe’s chair on Registration Day, but they’re not the same young men on the inside.  They’ve grown miles – courageous, self-confident, capable of rational decision-making in the face of ‘stress’, and you can see it in their walk, talk, and especially in their eyes and that great big grin! They tackle challenges before them with gusto, challenges that seemed insurmountable a couple of weeks ago, and they go about it with team spirit.

They are the few, the proud, the accomplished Summer Campers of Marine Military Academy…prepare to be amazed!

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Interested in learning more about our summer camp?  Visit Marine Military Academy’s all boys summer camp website.