Iron Man Competition at Summer Camp



MMA Summer Camp Iron Man CompetitionMMA Summer and ESL Camp Iron Man Competition got underway  with the first competitors off the starting line aboard Bowman Stadium track.  Each sprinted the initial run 3/4 of the way around the stadium track, through the stadium gate, proceeding through the stadium parking lot on down Iwo Jima Boulevard, towards the Administration building, turning right to tag the next partner.  The tagged partner then proceeded to the starting point for the low crawl, picked up a rubber M-16, then low-crawled to the finish line, dropping the M-16.  Then, it’s across the field and ‘round the old Boxing Gym to tag the hand of the next runner. Tagged and released, the teammate executes 20 push-ups, picks up his ‘wounded camper’ and carries him ‘fireman-carry style’ over the 50-yard course.  There, the wounded camper is deposited on the grass (not exactly an on-target, gentle drop…just git ‘er done!), and the runner proceeds to the road leading to the rifle range where he tags the rifle range runner. The rifle runner proceeds to the indoor rifle range where he takes the prone position, firing five rounds at the target. When done firing, the ‘Ranger’ proceeds along the road to the far side of the Junior Varsity Gym to tag the next runner.  This runner proceeds to the Back 40, tags out and the new runner navigates the Obstacle Course at breakneck speed, then heads ‘round the track to the Confidence Course, tagging the next man in charge. This runner  is off to a neck-to-neck challenge with his opponent hot on his heels as he climbs up the Stairway To Heaven, then down and over the next few obstacles, then it’s a sharp U-turn and back to the dirt road to tag the next runner.  This runner assumes the lead position, back to the  Paint Ball Course,  tag the next man who runs pell-mell to the Paint Ball Range, grabs a paint ball gun and protective mask, then rat-a-tat-tat’s ring out as the runner releases his gun’s paint load.  It’s back to the Paintball starting point, dropping all paint ball gear and take off at lightning-fast speed past the Paint Ball Course, all the way to the Mud Course area where he tags his cammie-clad teammate. This teammate belly-flops into the gooey mix, then runs preselected obstacles on the Mud Course– over, under, through, no going ‘round!  Then it’s off  toward the Gracey Swimming Pool to tag the hand of the waiting (and very, very anxious!) teammate. This runner hits the dusty trail behind King gym and enters the stadium drawing loud bellows of encouragement from his expectant company.  Pumping his arms forward he takes off ‘round the track for a final lap, then propels across the finish line.

I AM IRONMAN…All this, before 1030 on a bright, sunny tropical Texas Sunday morning…DY-NO-MITE!

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