Reflections of Summer Camp Instructor: Blake Moore

Cadet instructor belays at the rappel towerFor the majority of my life I have not had to work for things as much as I should have.  However, when I came to MMA, I saw a big door open for opportunities to work.  Most cadets say they just want to help out and earn rank by being a cadet instructor (CI).  I too agree with this, but being a CI is much more than helping others and earning rank.  Being a CI improved my leadership skills and made me more confident about what I am capable of doing.  This is the reason why I chose to work as a cadet instructor.  I enjoyed telling others what to do and helping them along the way.  It feels good to take charge of something and manage it the way I desire, but at the same time I know that I must handle my responsibilities correctly.  Being a leader has its ups and downs.  One must handle the downs to maintain the ups.  This is what I learned from being a cadet instructor at MMA.  By learning all the things I have learned at MMA, I have gained self-assurance.  I know that I can be a leader as long as I put forth effort.  The rest will take care of itself.

-Blake Moore