My Summer Camp Experience: Brooks Dickerson

Obstacle course rope climbI attended the MMA summer camp in the summer of 2013.  It was an extremely positive experience for me.  I attended the summer camp because I wanted to get in better shape, but also because I wanted to “test the water” and see if I wanted to attend MMA for the academic school year.  At summer camp I enjoyed the physical aspects:  rappelling, the obstacle, confidence, and mud courses, and even the food which was also good.  The weather was grueling with temperatures past 100 degrees, but we were always encouraged to drink water.  From MMA summer camp I gained strength and confidence, not to mention discipline.  After numerous experiences on the high-ropes course and confidence course, I managed to conquer my fear of heights.  Summer camp also gave me an edge coming to school here.  Already being able to march and make a rack was very helpful during the school year.  I highly recommend MMA summer camp for anyone thinking about attending school here at MMA or anyone looking for a challenge.    -Brooks Dickerson