Camper Vs Marine Corps Obstacle Course


Summer Campers take on the Obstacle Course

A camper slides down two poles on the combination obstacle
One of this year’s summer campers favorite events is the Obstacle Course (affectionately known as the “O-Course”), and – believe it or not – climbing the ropes all the way to the very top ‘tops’ the list! As they clutch, grasp and pull their way to the rope’s most northern point, they smack the top and shout out, “Camper’s Smith, Alpha Company” with all their might, and the rest of the company breaks out in a hearty round of “OOH RAH’s”.

IMG_0031The obstacle course helps summer campers develop and test basic motor skills including speed and agility and coordination. The Marine Military Academy’s course’s obstacles are also designed to help condition the camper. The obstacles are relatively low and must be quickly negotiated. There is also a mental aspect to the course. Many of the obstacles allow the camper the chance to plan a strategy, make split-second decisions, learn teamwork and demonstrate leadership. For details on the course events and layout please read our blog article: Military Obstacle Course.

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