Pugil Stick Competition: Marine Style


MMA Summer Camp Pugil SticksEach MMA Summer Camper tests their ‘mettle’ during Pugil Stick competition. Today, clad with a helmet and full face mask, groin protection and protective neck roll, loads of padding and a cushioned pugil stick – wooden base wrapped with lots of styrofoam and cloth, Summer Campers mock-battles one another as they vie for recognition as the victors. Aside from earning bragging rights, campers are learning self-confidence, coordination and—when going 2-on-1 and 3-on-1, the value of teamwork.

“The MMA Pugil Stick Course is a training device used to simulate weapons of opportunity and introduce a Cadet to the realities of inter-personal violence. It provides effective, but safe, “full contact” training at entry level and can be an effective tool to enhance sustainment and integration training during free sparring. Pugil stick training trains the Cadet to function when faced with stress and violence; it prepares the Cadet to deliver a blow and take a blow. This course will be used in conjunction with the other courses in the Leadership Enhancement and Development Complex for training of the Marine Military Academy Corps of Cadets. ”

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