Canoeing, Archery and Swimming at Summer Camp

Campers take advantage of opportunities at Camp Perry

2014 echo pool camp perryThis week, all MMA Summer campers make their way to Camp Perry, a nearby Boy Scout campground complete with an Archery setup, regulation-size swimming pool, and canoe launch.

2014 echo canoe camp perryAt 1230 sharp activities kick off with groups rotating Round-Robin style through Archery, Swimming, and the grand finale – Canoeing.

The cool blue waters of the pool are a haven of fun and relaxation for all under the watchful eyes of Camp Perry lifeguards.

For campers experienced in the art of Archery, there’s plenty of opportunity for honing their skills on the outdoor range.  Archery experts are on hand to give one-on-one instruction for those new to the event.

2014 echo archery camp perryCamp Perry’s Arroyo Colorado River soon becomes the Daytona Speedway of canoeing at its racing best as orange boating vest-clad campers launch their canoes in groups of three or four.  Once campers are up on their paddling skills, there’s the Canoe Instructor with his speedboat to churn up the murky waters to provide more of a navigational challenge, much to MMA Campers’ delight!

Wrapping up the Camp Perry fun, all head back to MMA Campus for Evening Mess and all-out competition at League Play.

Lights out!

Interested in learning more about our summer camp?  Visit Marine Military Academy’s all boys summer camp website.