My Summer Camp Experience: Cadet Alex Robertson

My Marine Military Academy Summer Camp Experience

by Cadet Robertson

robertsonAlex RobertsonMy name is Alex E. Robertson I am 18 years old from Alvin, Texas. This is my senior year at the Marine Military Academy and I am now a captain and the commanding officer of Golf Company and it all started three years ago in summer camp. My parents and I discovered the Marine Military Academy summer camp while browsing on the web looking for military style summer camps for the summer of 2010.

This was the only camp that we could find that operated in a military fashion for my age group so, I figured I would try it out and see what it is like. I had no preference to any particular branch in the military nor did I have any family currently serving so going to summer camp here was a total shot in the dark except for the information the administration gave my parents.

 Marine Military Academy Summer Camp Activities I Enjoyed

The activities I enjoyed the most were pretty much everything in the back 40; the confidence course, obstacle course, rappel tower, and high ropes course. I enjoyed them because they were physically and mentally draining but it was a great way to challenge myself. I learned how to use teamwork to get over some of the obstacles and that was probably the biggest benefit of the courses.

The hardest thing about summer camp was being away from friends and family for such a long time without being able to use a phone; we could just write letters. It was hard but I was so busy that I did not really have time to think about missing anyone. We were also allowed to write letters in our free time in the barracks and I received a letter or two almost every other day from people I knew.

What Summer Camp Taught Me

Overall the camp taught me a lot. I learned all about teamwork and what it feels like to be away from home for a long time. The biggest thing was the discipline. We practiced discipline in marching, the way we talked to our superiors; even in our physical training there was strict discipline.

I would definitely recommend attending summer camp. It is not a commitment to the school year, just 4 weeks of your summer. It is a chance to do new things and meet new people from all over the world. Everyone I know that went to summer camp enjoyed it. Summer camp at the Marine Military Academy is an unforgettable experience

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