Reasons Why Teenagers Need Summer Camp (Part 1)

A MMA summer camper leaning archery
A MMA summer camper leaning archery

Summer is almost here, and my little brother can’t wait!

I didn’t understand why he was so excited because he is going to spend most of his summer vacation at band camp. Band camp means he has to wake up early and practice all day long during his time off. I figured he would hate it, but, on the contrary, Ruben James LOVES it. He told me he likes to play, and he likes to be around his orchestra buddies all day. When they finish practicing, they go out to eat or to the movies or just “hang out” at home.

I started to think of all the other teenagers who don’t attend a summer camp. Do they enjoy their summer more because they get to stay home and do whatever they want or do they enjoy their summer less because they spend more time alone and bored at home?

I did some research on the Internet. After reading just a few articles, I wish my mother had sent me to summer camp! Teenagers can take away a lot from just one experience. I found seven good reasons why teenagers, like my brother, need to attend summer camp at least once.

Reasons Why Teenagers Need Summer Camp

 Structure & routine

Who says teenagers are supposed to sleep in and relax all day during the summer? That’s what Saturdays are for! Teens who attend summer camp have an easier time waking up and getting back into the school routine than those who didn’t follow a schedule.


A Marine Military Academy Summer Camper participates in a tug of war competition
A Marine Military Academy Summer Camper participates in a tug of war competition


Most summer camp activities are PHYSICAL, and do not require the use of a phone, computer or television. Campers will naturally work out their bodies as they swim, hike or play ball. Even at academic-based camps, teenagers are more likely to exercise than they would at home.

 New friends

Teenagers can expand their social circle – and their Instagram followers! – at summer camp. Plus, depending on the camp, they can make friends from around the world.

Social skills

In life, it’s important to try and get along. Summer camp helps teenagers fine-tune their manners and communications skills because they must meet new people and interact with them for days or even weeks at a time. Teens with good social skills also have greater self-confidence.

 New challenges

A MMA summer camper walks across a high ropes obstacle
A MMA summer camper walks across a high ropes obstacle

Teenagers learn to do lots of new things at summer camp – and some of those things take them completely out of their comfort zone! Whether it is riding a horse or swimming for the first time, summer camp allows teens to challenge themselves and try new things in a safe environment. When they discover they can do it, it gives them an instant shot of self-esteem!

 Self-confidence & self-esteem:

Any victories teenagers experience at summer camp (a new skill, an award, a leadership position, etc.) help them build their confidence and self-esteem. Why are these traits important? Successful adults don’t lack either one!


At some point, all kids have to “leave the nest,” and summer camp can help teenagers and parents prepare for that day. Teens who spend weeks away at a summer camp learn how to cope with their anxieties and become more independent. Because they’ve learned how to rely on themselves to a certain extent, these teens are not as nervous when they move away to college … and neither are their parents.

I wanted to validate my reasons, so I interviewed summer camp expert SgtMaj Ford Kinsley. Were my conclusions right or wrong? Find out what he has to say in my next blog!

Danielle BandaDanielle Banda is a communications major at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

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