Reaction Course: Team Strategies Pay Off

REACTION Course:  TEAM Strategies Pay Off BIG!

reactioncourseSummer Campers break into small groups over on the REACTION Course.  Each group is tasked with mini-‘missions’ to complete.  Each mission has several obstacles to navigate through, around, over and under…for instance, move all members of your team into a large wooden crate with the aid of one 2” X 4” X 8’… and no ONE can touch the floor at any time… then move them out the opposite side the very same way.  Team leaders, chosen at the onset of the exercise, call out directions to waiting team members. As teams discover the importance of thinking completely through their solutions before proceeding, they also learn to move it very quickly before the whistle shrills, signaling time to move on to the next challenge.  Be sure to watch for pictures and videos on FLICKER, FACEBOOK and YouTube!

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