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All Boys Summer Camp

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Pricing and Registration

We strongly encourage you to submit your son’s application and supporting documents for summer camp at the earliest convenience to avoid being placed on a waiting list.

The due date for your summer camp fee will be specified on your son’s acceptance cover letter notification. However, please note that camp must be paid in full before the camp check in date.

Once an applicant is accepted to participate in the summer camp program, an acceptance packet will be sent. This packet provides an official notification regarding his acceptance and includes additional information, such as a “Who to Call” sheet and a “What to Bring” list.

Camp Dates

Our Camp is four weeks

Camp Dates Are: June 29th to July 27, 2019

Campers should arrive on the 29th and will depart on the 27th.

MMA Summer Camp Fees

Application Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE) $ 150.00
Uniforms & Personal Care Items
(Retained by Camper)
$ 500.00
Tuition, Room & Board $ 3,850.00
Total Cost


Additional Summer Camp Charges (Electives Are Optional):
Flight Training Elective
Daily Medication Fee (If required)

 ESL Camp (English as a Second Language Camp) Fees

Application Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE) $150.00
Uniforms & Personal Care Items (Retained by Camper) $500.00
Tuition, Room & Board $3,850.00
Total Cost
Additional Charges:
Daily Medication Fee (if required) $100.00