Texas Summer Camps:
Structure with Fun at Marine Military Academy

Each year, Marine Military Academy (MMA) holds one of the most unique Texas summer camps for young men ages 11 through 17. Our summer camp challenges each camper both physically and mentally. Watch the "Join the Action!" video.

The Activities

MMA’s Texas summer camp makes the most of every hour of each day. Our philosophy is Carpe Diem—Seize the Day! Our summer programs incorporate fun activities for campers and teach valuable life lessons such as teamwork, responsibility, respect and self-esteem. Sports are a large part the camp, giving campers the chance to form lasting friendships.

Our campers enjoy a wide variety of structured camp activities daily. Some of the most popular activities include: obstacle courses, rappelling, rock climbing, zipline, paintball, mud course, confidence course and the rifle range. Campers are encouraged to challenge themselves to exceed their own expectations. They experience a sense of achievement completing tasks that are regularly used by Marines for training purposes.

The Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Complex is used extensively to build individual confidence, promote physical endurance and mental sharpness and create teamwork between campers. In the LEAD complex, campers complete hands-on leadership training emphasizing fast decision making, team-based problem-solving while enhancing campers' leadership skills.

Two summer campers on the climbing wall

Camp Results

Campers leave stronger than when they arrived, better able to realize their own potential when pushed to achieve and exceed their goals. Our camp values teach each camper valuable lessons that will benefit him throughout his life. Parents often comment on the positive, obvious changes that they can see in their son after only a few weeks. If our camp sounds like a challenge that you would like to take on, or if you believe that your son would benefit from attending MMA summer camp, we invite you to contact us for more information.

summer camper on the helicopter skid rappel