Outdoor Summer Camps:
Marine Military Academy- An Adventure of a Lifetime

The outdoor summer camp held at Marine Military Academy is the ideal place for young men ages 11 through 17 to enjoy an innovative experience that combines adventure and excitement with the values of the U.S. Marine Corps. Our outdoor summer camp stands out among other summer camps—you will not find another program that can offer everything that MMA does.

Each one of our campers quickly learns that it is not how much time you have, but rather how much you pack into that time! We encourage our young men to always put forth their best effort in order to make every minute count. MMA’s camp activities are fun and exciting, but each one also serves to teach our campers valuable lessons about teamwork, respect, discipline and decision making. Watch the "Join the Action!" video.

Two summer campers on the climbing wall

summer camper on the helicopter skid rappel

The MMA Difference

Attending outdoor summer camp at MMA instantly turns a normal summer into the adventure of a lifetime. Campers have the opportunity to participate in activities that they have only dreamed about or seen on television. Obstacle courses, rappelling, climbing walls and rifle ranges are only a few of the exciting offerings available at MMA camp. These activities are challenging and will push a young man to reach goals he did not realize he could accomplish. Marines themselves often participate in the same activities we offer at our camp for military training purposes. Many of our activities are done in a team setting to promote teamwork and the development of friendships. Sporting activities such as basketball, soccer, softball and flag football are offered daily.

The Military Department utilizes the new Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Complex to build individual confidence while promoting physical endurance and mental sharpness. In the LEAD complex, campers complete intense hands-on leadership learning activities that emphasize fast decision making, strengthen team-based problem solving capabilities, and enhance a camper’s individual leadership skills.

MMA summer camp pushes each camper to succeed while also having fun. Each day of camp is packed full of adventure, and a young man can never know what the next day will bring. If this sounds like a place where you would like to spend your summer, or if you believe that you son would love participating in our adventurous activities, we urge you to contact us today.

summer camper on the helicopter skid rappel