Texas Military Summer Camps: Marine Military Academy- The Great Discovery

Marine Military Academy (MMA), one of the top-ranking military schools in the country, has taken its unique approach and applied it to an innovative Texas military summer camp for teenagers ages 10 to 17. Our school’s philosophy translates into a military summer camp that is structured and challenging, while still being enjoyable for our campers. MMA Summer Camp: Join the Action.

Two summer campers on the climbing wall

Camp Activities

Our camp motto is Carpe Diem—Seize the Day! Our camp program is designed to make young men realize the importance of putting their best effort forward in each activity that they participate in. While summer is a vacation from school, at MMA we believe that it is not an excuse to stop learning. We pride ourselves on imparting important lessons about teamwork, discipline, respect and leadership during each camp session. These lessons are combined with exciting activities to result in a great adventure.

Campers will enjoy a wide range of military summer camp activities to challenge them physically and mentally. Some of the most popular activities include: obstacle courses, paintballing, boxing and rappelling. Teenagers will be amazed with themselves when they realize that they have successfully completed the same activities that active Marines use on a regular basis for training purposes.

Texas Military Summer Camp Results

he ultimate goal at MMA summer camp is for campers to leave with an increased sense of accomplishment. We hold each camper in high regard, and we encourage every young man to reach his full potential. Parents often comment on the positive changes they notice in their son after he attends our military summer camp. MMA has combined learning and fun to create a camp experience that a young man will never forget.

Summer campers participating in flight training