Military Adventure Camp -Give Your Son the Experience of a Lifetime

summer camper on the helicopter skid rappel

Unique Experience

Marine Military Academy provides a truly unique summer camp experience. Aside from the guaranteed adrenaline rushes, MMA’s military adventure camp offers boys several advantages compared to conventional summer camps, including:

Structure & Routine - Boys adapting to the regimen of a military adventure camp not only have an easier time waking up when it’s time to go back to school, they are sharper and more energetic.

Exercise & Fitness - A daily schedule of adventurous activities ensures boys return home healthier and in greater physical condition — and they are more likely to stay fit!

Respect & Tradition - Our boys learn the importance of respect, honor and manners, and they behave more like gentlemen.

Confidence & Self-esteem - Gaining confidence and self-esteem with every challenge and victory, boys tend to stand a little straighter and a little taller, with a sense of pride.

New Challenges - Some activities from a military adventure camp may push boys out of their comfort zone, but as they try, adapt and overcome, they gain valuable lifelong coping skills.

MMA Packs Dozens of Activities into Summer Camp!

Don’t let his summer slip away! MMA Summer Camp offers activities that will motivate and engage your son, making sure his summer is both memorable and worthwhile.

Every day, from dusk until dawn, campers participate in a wide variety of challenging, but exciting outdoor activities that build discipline, teamwork and confidence:

Circuit Course
Confidence Course
Dodge Ball
Field Meet
Flag Football
High Ropes Course
Iron Man Competition
Mud Course
Obstacle Course
Pugil Sticks

Boys will experience more in one day at our summer military adventure camp than the average kid will over the course of their entire summer. At MMA, it’s very simple: Work hard! Play hard!

Two summer campers on the climbing wall
military summer camp high ropes bridge

Why Attend MMA Summer Camp?

This is an amazing education and self-motivating experience. OOH-RAH, MMA Summer Camp! – Demilade Abiru of Lagos, Nigeria, Age 13

I came here for a challenge, and the camp exceeded my expectations. – Nathan Smith of Edmond, Oklahoma, Age 13

It’s a great camp that I think every teenager should go to at least once, if not more. – Dev Navani of Orlando, Florida, Age 14

I learned that you don’t need electronics to have fun. – Brooklyn Twomey of Euless, Texas, Age 14

I learned a lot, but, more importantly, I learned discipline and motivation; and I am not lazy anymore. – Makram Kettaneh of Brazilia Baabda, Lebanon, Age 15

Thanks, MMA, for helping me find the leader inside myself. – Nathan Phillips of Kingston Springs, Tennessee, Age 16

... now I realize that there were many things back home that kept me from being nice to people and considerate to others. That’s why I like MMA Summer Camp even more. – Mauricio Rosas of Mexico City, Mexico, Age 16