Marine Military Academy (MMA) has taken a unique approach to an innovative military academy summer camp for young men, ages 10 to 17. Our military academy summer camp is structured and physically challenging, while still being enjoyable for our campers. Watch the "Join the Action!" video.

Two summer campers on the climbing wall

MMA Camp Activities

A young man soon discovers that the Marine Military Academy summer camp routine is anything but ordinary. In order to prepare him for the inevitable challenges in life, he will have a structured environment with plenty of opportunities to strengthen his physical and mental capabilities. Although the training can feel exhausting — especially after a hike or obstacle course — campers gain confidence from having completed a difficult, challenging task. They also learn the importance of teamwork.

Campers will enjoy a wide range of military academy summer camp activities to challenge them physically and mentally. Rappelling, paintball, high ropes and our famous mud course are some of the more popular events. Young men will be amazed with themselves when they realize that they have successfully completed the same training that all Marines go through on a regular basis.

Military Academy Summer Camp Results

The goal of MMA military academy summer camp is for young men to finish with an increased sense of accomplishment. We hold each camper in high regard, and we encourage every young man to strive for that distance goal, and reach it! Parents often comment on the positive changes they notice in their son after he attends our military academy summer camp. MMA has found a way to make hard training fun and an experience that a young man will never forget.

summer camper on the helicopter skid rappel