Throughout Texas thousands of young men go off to camps each summer. Few will attend a leadership camp like the one at Marine Military Academy. MMA holds one of the best leadership camps in Texas for young men ages 12 through 17. MMA Summer Camp is a total immersion in Marine style leadership and training. There is no wasted time or days at this camp. Campers are on the go every minute of every day doing the type of training that Marines regularly go through. Watch the "Join the Action!" video

Campers learn the valuable lessons of teamwork, problem solving, respect for others and development of self-esteem. They are led by dedicated Marine Officers and Staff Non-commissioned Officers providing supervision and leadership examples at every step.

Learning leadership skills at summer camp

Leadership Camp in Texas Activities

The Military Department utilizes the Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Complex to build individual confidence while promoting physical endurance and mental sharpness. In the LEAD complex, campers complete intense hands-on leadership learning activities that emphasize fast decision making, strengthen team-based, problem-solving capabilities, and enhance a camper’s individual leadership skills.

Leaders are developed through training and example. At Marine Military Academy Summer Camp, we provide the tools to develop the leaders of tomorrow. We believe that every young man has the capability to be a good leader if provided the right training.