Today there are over 12,000 camps throughout the United States, of which more than 7,000 are resident camps. A large percentage of these camps are so-called specialty camps: soccer camp, band camp, football camp, horseback riding camp and the list goes on and on. All of these camps provide a valuable service, and young men and women that attend them generally return with a noted improvement in some skill.

At Marine Military Academy Summer Camp, our goal is not to improve a specific skill, but rather develop life skills.

Two summer campers on the climbing wall

Activities Developing Life Skills

MMA summer camp provides each camper with a wide variety of fun and challenging activities, with an ultimate goal of developing life skills. Watch the "Join the Action!" video. These include such activities as our Leadership Reaction Course, which focuses on teamwork and problem solving skills. Our Low and High Ropes Course helps to instill confidence, overcome fears and enhance teamwork. Our Rappelling and Rock Climbing not only helps to overcome fear of heights, but also teaches dependence on others. Furthermore, all of the activities at MMA Summer Camp have a secondary goal of improved physical fitness, endurance and flexibility. Yet, the overall goal remains producing a better young man at the end of the four weeks.

summer camper on the helicopter skid rappel

MMA Summer Camp Results

When a young man finishes our summer camp program, he is far different from the young man that arrived just four weeks earlier. He is more self-confident, better physically fit and able to tackle life’s challenges with the leadership and problem solving skills he has learned. Parents are often amazed at the changes in their son in such a short time. They now see a young man better prepared to be a leader and a responsible citizen, armed with the developing life skills that will carry him on to the next level.