All Boys Summer Camp

Two summer campers on the climbing wall

Boys Summer Camp: The Opportunity for Discovery

Marine Military Academy (MMA), located in Harlingen, Texas, is a unique military school modeled after the U.S. Marine Corp. Each year, MMA holds a boys summer camp where young men ages 11 to 17 are taught about teamwork, discipline, trust and respect while enjoying a wide variety of exciting activities. Our philosophy for these camp sessions is Carpe Diem—Seize the Day! We want each one of our campers to realize that the quality of time is more important than quantity of time. Watch the "Join the Action!" video.

Summer Camp Activities

While school may not be in session, we do not believe that the summer months are a time to stop learning. MMA boys summer camp presents numerous opportunities for our campers to discover new concepts. Team sports are an important part of our camp. Not only are they fun, but they also teach young men about leadership, respect, teamwork and trust while providing a good source of physical fitness. Team activities also give young men a chance to form lasting relationships and friendships with their fellow campers.

Year after year, our campers report how much they enjoy the individual and group activities held at MMA boys summer camp. A popular military summer camp activity is the Iron Man competition, which combines eight to 10 physical challenges, such as mud and obstacle courses and the fireman’s carry, to encourage each camper to put forth their best effort while enjoying themselves. Upon completion of this activity, a camper usually feels a sense of pride knowing that he has completed a course that Marines regularly use for military training purposes.

Our activities are about more than just a camper enjoying himself. Each aspect of our summer camp is designed to improve a young man’s self-esteem and outlook on life. Our highly trained staff works hard to foster teamwork, leadership skills and mutual respect among campers. At the end of a camp session, our campers return home as stronger men, physically and mentally.

Summer campers participating in flight training