Rough-Tough Marine Stuff

Complete the same obstacles and challenges that Marines face in their training. They help to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and maybe a little swagger.

Circuit Course

A series of timed exercises designed to improve strength and endurance.


Learn the safe and proper techniques of rifle marksmanship.

Obstacle Course

All summer campers run the obstacle course several times during their stay. The course is a full-sized Marine Corps regulation obstacle course. The obstacle course challenges the campers’ upper body strength, as well as their problem-solving abilities. It proves that brute strength is not enough to quickly negotiate challenges, and those campers that work on technique are rewarded with a course that is suddenly easier to run.

Mud Course

The summer camp mud course is a camper’s opportunity to deviate from the Marine standards of cleanliness and order and get as dirty as possible. The event features a series of obstacles run through a mud-filled course. It’s a fun yet challenging way to escape the South Texas heat! --Don't worry, the course ends at our outdoor shower!

Pugil Sticks

One-on-one challenges using a helmet, football pads and padded pole.

Combat Fitness Test

See how you measure up to the Marine Corps' combat fitness standards.