Confidence Building Events

Trusting in one's abilities is essential in building confidence and overcoming fear. Many of our camp activities help campers believe in themselves. Here are a few that standout.

Confidence Course

Campers must negotiate a series of obstacles which are designed to be both physically and pschologically challenging.


Ziplining requires campers to leap off a 30-foot tower so they can speed down a 100-yard steel cable.


Rappelling requires campers to overcome their fear of heights and descend down a 30-foot wall.

Rock Climbing

Utilize your skills to climb the 30-foot tall rock wall and then rappel down.

High Ropes Challenge Course

In the High Challenge, campers test their balance and stretch their comfort level with heights. Safety is paramount, and campers are always on a safety line when aloft. Our High Ropes courses are run by trained and certified rope course instructors.