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English as a Second Language Summer Camp

MMA’s ESL AT A GLANCE: INSIDE THE CLASSROOM MMA’s English-As-A-Second-Language Camp is in full action both inside AND outside! Inside Mrs. Dye’s, Christina Donovan’s, and Mrs. Flores’ classrooms the young men are already reading quips and quotes and everything they can … Continue reading

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Paint Ball Battles

“COVER ME!”…THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS IN A PAINTBALL BATTLE! “Go left, no right!” “MOVE!” “Cover me…oh rats, I’m hit!” Colorful commands ring out as a camouflage torrent of bodies and rat-a-tat-tat bursts fill MMA Paintball grounds, but not nearly as … Continue reading

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Marksmanship Learned at Summer Camp

MMA Summer Camp Rifle Range

HOME ON THE RANGE…RIFLE RANGE, THAT IS! ‘Twas a overcast, humid subtropical morning, but that did not defray the MMA Summer Camp companies from making their mark aboard MMA’s Gilmore Marksmanship Training Center, the very same Center MMA’s Marksmanship award-winning … Continue reading

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Leadership Enhancement and Development Complex

MMA Summer Camp at LEAD complex

BLISS:  Putting It All Together Aboard  MMA’S L.E.A.D. Complex MMA Summer Camp Companies switch into high gear following an hour of rest and relaxation.  All participate in a Round Robin of L.E.A.D. Complex events –Rappelling (frontwards, backwards, sideways, even a few … Continue reading

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